Close all the windows before your computer crashes

The Game

WinSmash is an arcade game that emulates the original experience of Microsoft Windows users. In WinSmash, you will need to close windows, a LOT of windows. Error windows will happily co-exists with information windows, try to read as many as possible and click on the correct buttons. But if you're not fast enough, or worse, if you click on the wrong button, you might end up crashing your system...


WinSmash is an Android game that I designed and developed on my own. It is implemented in Scala. It is the first game developed with my own open source game library for Scala. The library is designed to be cross-platform, so maybe one day WinSmash will be ported to iOS. However, no port is planned for tablets, destkop, or the web, as I don't believe the gameplay would suit such platforms well. Most of the graphics have been made by myself using Inkscape. The music and sound effects are under creative common style licenses, and come from

The core gameplay is extremely simple, it's based on the classic arcade game Whac-A-Mole and tries to adapt it in a humourous universe that is a parody of Microsoft Windows. System windows pop-up at a fast pace in a completely random way, and you must click on the right spot as quickly as possible to close them. The difficult part is that each window is somewhate unique, and might need a slightly different technique to close.

The game is challenging, and consists of an endless, but varied, game where you must close more and more windows, faster and faster. The main goal is to make it to the top of the global leaderboard, or if that would fail, at least on the top of your circle leaderboard. For those that have the spirit of an explorer, there are a few achievements that are difficult to complete, and I left a hidden gem somewhere for the truly dedicated ones.

WinSmash was officially released on July 27, 2016, in the Google Play Store. It is the second game that I self-published. My previous game was a puzzle game and thus had a significantly different style, but might still appeal to you.



Music and sound effects used in the game have been kindly provided by under the Creative Common license:

Link to the licence:

I also would like to thank the reddit community from the gamedev subreddit, that was quite helpful and supportive when I had issues getting the game approved on Google Play for the original release.


WinSmash is currently available for Android only. A port to IOS is definitely happening, but might still take some time.