Rat Trap

Protect a delicious cheese from an evil rat

The Game

Rat Trap is a small, addictive, puzzle game where you role is to protect your reserve of cheeses by carefully positioning blocking elements on the way of the rat. The game starts simple, but quickly evolves into complicated puzzles that will challenge your mind.


Rat Trap is an Android game. It was entirely developed using open source tools. It is written in Scala and the graphics are made using Gimp and Inkscape. The game was made alone.

You play turn by turn against the rat. A game map is an hexagonal grid, with the rat starting at one of the tile, and one or more tiles containing a cheese — the objective of the rat. Each turn, you can do one of the following actions:

  • Place a can on one of the tile, which will block it and prevent the rat from ever running on it again.
  • Using the planks to close an open tunnel.
  • Lure the rat with a fake (red) cheese. The rat cannot tell the difference between a normal and a fake cheese, so if the fake cheese is the closest cheese, it will go towards it.
  • Use the hammer to stun the rat for one entire turn.

The rat is powered by a heuristic-based AI. That means the rat will not blindly go towards the closest cheese, but will take into considerations other things, such as the narrowness of the path towards the cheese, and will favor a more open field.

The game contains 86 hand-crafted levels. You unlock the above actions while progressing through the game, with each new mecanisms being accompanied by dedicated levels to explore the mecanism.

Rat Trap was first released as an alpha version on July 27th, 2014. Version 1 of Rat Trap was released on Google Play on October 25th, 2015.



Although I am the sole developer and designer of Rat Trap, I am thankful to the many people who have contributed ideas, feedback, advices, or simply warm encouragements, during the early development of the game.

So I would like to thank the following people. My brother, who gave me the idea of the core gameplay inspired from a a flash game, and provided some advices on designing the game. Several friends who contributed ideas, valuable feedback, or simply played my game and encouraged me. In alphabetical order: Deniz Binay, Sonia Bogos, Hông-Ân Cao, Alexandre Duc, Steve Jiekak, Mikaël Mayer.


Rat Trap is currently available for Android only. I am planning a port to iOS eventually. The game is free, so please try it out! I would love to hear some feedback from you! You can contact me directly, or via the game facebook page.