Fish Escape

Protect a little fish from an evil robotic penguin.

The Game

Fish Escape is a small, addictive, puzzle game where you role is to protect the little fishes by blocking the way of the robotic penguin. The game starts simple, but quickly evolves into complicated puzzles that will challenge your mind.


Fish Escape is an Android game. It is written in Scala with the Scala Game Library (SGL). Since SGL offers pure Scala cross-platform game development tools, the game is technically ready for multiple platforms, although it was designed for mobile first and currently only available on Android


It is a highly polished and improved remake of one of my earlier IP Rat Trap. You play turn by turn against the penguin. A game map is a hexagonal grid, with the penguin starting at one of the tile, and one or more tiles containing a fish — the objective of the penguin. Each turn, you can do one of the following actions:

  • Sink one of the ice block, which will prevent the penguin from ever jumping on it again.
  • Using the seal to close an open tunnel.
  • Lure the penguin with a fake, plastic, fish. The penguin cannot tell the difference between a normal and a fake fish, so if the fake fish is the closest fish, it will go towards it.
  • Use the hammer to stun the penguin for one entire turn.
  • Use the net to save one fish from the penguin.

The penguin is powered by a heuristic-based AI. That means the penguin will not blindly go towards the closest fish, but will take into considerations other things, such as the narrowness of the path towards the fish, and will sometimes favor a more open field.

The game contains 99 hand-crafted levels. You unlock the above actions while progressing through the game, with each new mecanisms being accompanied by dedicated levels to explore the mecanism.

Fish Escape is published by LimeTales, an indie studio that I co-founded with a graphic designer friend of mine. Everything in the game was created by either one of us, no asset were purchased and we did not outsource any work to third parties. Fish Escape was first made available as an open beta on October 27th, 2019, before being officially released in its Lite version on December 7th, 2019 on Google Play.



Fish Escape Lite is available on the following platforms:

The lite version of the game is free, so please try it out! The premium version of the game is coming soon.

I would love to hear some feedback from you! You can contact me directly, or LimeTales on Facebook or Twitter.