Régis Blanc is currently a Googler, working from the Google Zurich office. He is enjoying abundance of free food and perks. While most people are questionning why such a large corporation would waste that amount of money on their employees, he doesn’t really care and rather prefer to cruise along in the wonderful offices. He is a Software Engineer in the Site Reliability Engineer organization, the guys responsible to maintain Google online 24/7.

Régis completed a PhD in Computer Science at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), in Switzerland. His spent five years doing research in the field of software verification. He worked in the Laboratory of Automated Reasoning and Analysis (LARA).

Régis studied Computer Science at EPFL for his Bachelor, before moving to the University of California, Berkeley, as a visiting student. He then lived some time in Japan, in the beautiful city of Nara, working as an intern for NEC. He came back to Switzerland to complete his Master degree in Computer Science, still at EPFL. He also spent some time as an intern for IBM Research in Zurich during his PhD studies.

Besides trying to teach computers to better understand code, he also enjoys building less complex, but nonetheless useful, software with a chance to be used in the real world. This website showcases some of these attempts. Most recently, Régis has been dipping his toes into game programming.

Outside of computing, Régis is an avid football (read: soccer) and (somtimes) tennis player. He also occasionally plays Magic the Gathering, trying to renew with a glorious past.