Hey there, I'm Régis, a Scala developer that loves to work on cool technology. This website showcases some of the projects I am — or have been — working on.

Currently, I'm very involved into an open-source and cross-platform game engine for Scala. If you are one of the few Scala developers that happen to also be interested in game development, don't hesitate to reach out.

Another exciting new project I have been investing time into is Take a Seat, a cloud service for restaurant owner to let them host and manage their menus.

I once was a young and hopeful entrepreneur, some of my past projects include:

  • TimeStash, the time machine to remember and organize your past.
  • SprayHere!, a geolocalized platform to share with people around you.
  • Travel Meets You, authentic travel itineraries.

I'm also a game designer/developer enthousiast. I published a few Android games and my complete portfolio also include other platforms. I recently co-founded an independent game studio, LimeTales. I'm currently working hard on a new mobile game — Fish Escape.

I maintain a few open source tools and libraries on GitHub. Additionally, You can find a selection of my current and past projects on this page.

I occasionally feel like writing about programming, game design, language design, startups, or even Magic the Gathering. You can have a look at my blog if any of these subjects sound interesting to you.

You can follow me on Twitter, where I'm likely to talk about programming and game dev, on Instagram, where I'm more likely to post nice landscapes or cool items I encounter while traveling, and on GitHub where I'm certainly writing code.