Hey there, I'm Régis and I love building cool new things. Here are some of the projects I'm currently involved in:

  • TimeStash, the time machine to remember and organize your past
  • SprayHere!, a geolocalized platform to share with people around you
  • Travel Meets You, the authentic travel itineraries

I'm also a game designer/developer enthousiast. I suggest you check out Rat Trap, a very cool — and somewhat popular — puzzle game. I'm working on some new games that I hope to release soon!

I also maintain a few open source tools and library on GitHub. You can find all about my current and past projects on this page.

I'm trying to write occasionally about programming, game design, language design, and startups. You can have a look at my blog if these subjects do sound interesting to you.

You can follow me on Twitter, where I'm likely to talk about programming and game dev, and on Instagram, where I'm more likely to post nice landscapes or cool items I encounter while traveling.